YouTube™ Thumbnail Preview

by JangoBrick

What is this?

As a YouTube creator, you have probably come across the situation where you needed to test how well a certain thumbnail works, or whether text on it is too small. Yet, this is a pain to do, as thumbnails can take days to update, and you might need to create a private video to test on without annoying your subscribers.

This page sets out to make the whole process a lot easier by letting you select an image and preview it in all relevant dimensions and contexts. All of the processing is done client-side, nothing is stored on our end.

YouTube thumbnail size

The recommended size for YouTube thumbnails is 1280×720 pixels. The minimum width required is 640 pixels.

Channel: Returning visitor / 402×226 / 124×70

Video grid / 196×110

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Playlist / 72×40

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by {{info.uploader}}

Recommendations sidebar / 168×94

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Video wall / 190×128