Screenshot of a simple 2D game made with JangoDare


A 2D game engine using nothing but pure Java. Made for Ludum Dare, but able to do anything.

Example code in PHP of constructing an SVG image with PHP-SVG


Create, parse, and even render SVG vector graphics with this standalone PHP library.

Logo of the Minecraft server plugin CraftZ


A server plugin that gives you the whole zombie apocalypse experience right in Minecraft.

Screenshot of the YouTube Thumbnail Preview app

YouTube™ Thumbnail Preview

Instantly preview an image in all relevant YouTube thumbnail dimensions and contexts.

Screenshot of SudokuSolve in action


An app that can solve literally every Sudoku, no matter how few numbers you have available.

Screenshot of WhatColorIsIt, displaying the current time as a color

What color is it?

A clock... done differently. Useless, but kinda cool.

Made-up visualization for a game of 2048 played by the 2048 Bot

2048 Bot

A bookmarklet that plays the popular game 2048 all on its own using logic and maths.